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We offer opportunities for growth, connection and introspection by creating a warm, friendly community of kind-hearted people who come together for "Real Talk." The intention of our meetings are to come together and collectively hold compassionate, loving space for each other. 

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We host free gatherings within Vancouver, Surrey, Tri-Cities, and New Westminster that are open to all seeking inspiration, meaning, or purpose. Each meeting contains a check-in, introduction, different "topic of choice," hands on practice to integrate the ideas from the discussion, and closing circle. 

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  Are you passionate about what we're doing? Let us know! We welcome all interested to join in on any of our meetings. See below for the times and locations coming up. We're excited to meet you!   

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Previous Topics


Opening to Intimacy, opening to life (In-to-me-see) intimacy

What is intimacy and what is our relationship to it? Intimacy is one of those things we say we want, yet we reject it in ways we don’t even realize, all the while finding ourselves still yearning for it. So why is that? Why do we want, reject, and then yearn for what we wanted in the first place...

Cultivate gratitude and attract more joy, happiness and love.

Let's focus on how to cultivate gratitude as a discipline of the heart- one that requires attention and consistent practice. Through practice, giving thanks grows from the ground of one's being. Grateful feelings, once buried, can surface if we take the time to notice and reflect. A French proverb states that: "Gratitude is the heart's memory..."

Understanding the Ego

MBT explains the Ego to be: "Awareness in the service of fear." The MBT model states that once we let go of fear, we no longer have an ego, instead we are left with awareness in the service of Love.

This week we will look at how to identify the Ego, trace it back to fear and begin the work of letting it go.

Inviting Abundance into our lives

Let’s explore together which feelings, behaviors and vibrations actually reject or repel abundance and which ones Invite Abundance Into our Life.

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